The True Value of IoT-Enabled CX: Unlocking The Subconscious Mind Digitally

In a digital environment unlike a physical store, we are able to more easily quantify human actions and make inferences about the intention and subconscious state of mind, such as through customers' browsing behaviours or social media activities.
For instance, Amazon can detect your browsing patterns that lead to an action/outcome like a purchase of a specific book. In a physical store, however, it is harder to gauge the shopping/browsing behaviour of a shopper. All you know is the actual purchase of the merchandise at the point-of-sale. Herein lies the potential of IoT to mitigate this problem as the technology is able to digitise the physical human experience.

Data Objectivity and Accuracy in an Era of "Sensorised" Environments

Creating Valuable Insights through Analytics

Converting IoT into the "Internet of Transactions"

Frost & Sullivan
IoT-Enabled CX Study

The study aims to understand how Asia-Pacific enterprises view Customer Experience (CX) at their organisations as well as gain insights into the perceptions and impact of IoT on CX. The study also measures the adoption of IoT among Asia-Pacific organisations as a key enabler in enhancing CX. We asked CX leaders detailed questions about:

  • Technology trends respondents believe are having the greatest impact on their business
  • Business benefits derived as a result of improving CX
  • What respondents think their customers want
  • Awareness of IoT and its importance in enhancing CX
  • Perception of IoT in delivering fundamental values and impact on the overall CX strategy and business
  • Key motivations and drivers for enterprises’ adoption of IoT to enable superior CX
  • Readiness of organisations in taking advantage of IoT to enable CX
  • Enterprises’ IoT-Enabled CX journey and their purchasing drivers


Find Out Your IoT-CX Readiness Index in 5 Minutes

The Internet of Things-Enabled Customer Experience Index (IoT-CXI) measures the maturity of organisations in improving customer experience using IoT. This maturity index comprises 3 major underlying factors: Value, Action, and Readiness.

Asia-Pacific organisations are increasingly deploying IoT-enabled CX initiatives. Have you embarked on this journey? Find out where your organisation stands. Take the IoT-enabled CX Survey to determine your IoT-CXI value

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The Frost & Sullivan IoT-Enabled CX Study explores how countries in the Asia-Pacific are tapping on the potential of IoT to engage customers, elevating customer experience to the next level.
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